NDC won three awards in the prestigious 2011 ADNOC Annual HSE Award:

1. Runner-up in Safety - Pro-active Asset Integrity Reporting.

2. Recognition in Partnership (Jointly with contractor M/s. Leaseplan) - Real Time Vehicle Monitoring (IVMS).

3. Special recognition through ADNOC Submission - Giant Leap in NDC Field Medical Services (RAMS).

Our History
1972 National Drilling Company is established by a resolution of the Abu Dhabi Council of Ministers.
1973-74 Acquisition of first onshore rigs, ND-1 and ND-2.
1975 Acquisition of first offshore rig, Al-Ittihad.
1976-80 Expansion of the offshore fleet to a total of five rigs with the introduction of Al-Ghallan, Al-Yasat, Diyina and Junana.
Rig ND-8 joins the onshore rig fleet.
Acquires two water well rigs.
1981-85 Establishment of offshore supply base, workshop and warehouse.
Acquisition of offshore rig Yemillah and three onshore rigs ND-9, ND-10 and ND-11 and two water well rigs.
1988 Commencement of Ground Water Research Project in Al-Ain in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey.
1989-93 Acquisition of four offshore rigs Al Mariyah, Beynouna, Brakah, and Delma.
Acquisition of four onshore rigs ND-16, ND-17, ND-21 & ND-22 and fifth water well rig.
1995 Acquisition of a new onshore rig ND-23 and sixth water well rig.
1998-99 Acquisition of two onshore rigs ND-24 & ND-25.
Moving into newly completed 17-storey headquarters building.
2000 Implementation of the Well Delivery Limit (WDL) initiative saves operating company significant cost and reduces well durations drastically.
2001 Rigs Al-Ghallan, ND-1, ND-8 and ND-17 complete five years without Lost Time Incident.
2002 NDC's 30 year anniversary is marked by a corporate reorganization and new identity.
2003 Acquisition of three advanced cluster-type rigs ND-31, ND-32 and ND-33.
Implementation of SAP ERP.
Implementation of Balanced Scorecard.
2004 Acquisition of fourth cluster type rig, ND-34.
Winning of ADNOC HSE award titled "Proactive Mini Risk Assessment of All Hands/Every Task".
Provision of VSAT services on all onshore rigs.
Building new workshop at base camp.
2005 Acquisition of Multi-Purpose Service Vessel Al-Ghweifat.
Acquisition of offshore rig Al-Hail.
ND-17 completes 10 years without Lost Time Incident.
Rig Al-Ittihad undergoes Rig Integrity Assurance Program (RIAP).
Commencement of drilling services with onshore slick wireline units.
Provision of directional drilling services.
NDC hosts first Regional Rig Owners Seminar.
2006 ND-1 completes 10 years without Lost Time Incident.
Winning of ADNOC HSE award titled Simulating for Success" and special recognition award titled "Aviation Fires Downrated".
Provision of offshore slick wireline services.
2007 Winning of ADNOC HSE award titled "Improved Transport Safety through VMS".
Rig Junana completes Rig Integrity Assurance Program (RIAP).
Receiving ISO 14001 certification.
Winning of Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award.
2008 Winning of ADNOC HSE award titled "Kidney stones – prevention & minimizing".
Introduction of two onshore rigs ND-38 & ND-50.
2009 Winning of ADNOC HSE award titled "Team recognition: Way to Enhance HSE Performance".
Rig Al-Ghallan completes Rig Integrity Assurance Program (RIAP).
Commencement of electric logging services.
Receiving IADC Rig Pass certification.
Awarding contract to build 7 new land rigs.
2010 Awarding contract to build 2 new offshore jack-up rigs and re-activate offshore jack up rig Al-Bzoom.
Drilling of first offshore oil based drilling fluid wells.
ND-17 completes 15 years without a Lost Time Incident.
Winning of ADNOC HSE award titled "Zero Spills".
NDC hosts first GCC Drilling Companies Exchange meeting.
Joining of ADNOC Remote Areas Medical Service (RAMS).

4 new land rigs ND-51 to 54 start operations.
Offshore rig Al-Bzoom starts operations.
Awarding construction of 3 additional land rigs.
Awarding construction of 7 island rigs.
Slick wireline unites expanding with 5 additional units.
Start-up of 3 Centralized fixed type rig camps.
Commencing construction of accommodation complex at field base.
Winning of ADNOC HSE award titled "Traffic Lights: A snapshot of Asset Health".
Receiving ISO 27001 certification for Information Security.
Drilling of first onshore well using under-balance technique.