NDC won three awards in the prestigious 2013 ADNOC Annual HSE Award:

1.Occupational Health: Management of Change in Lifestyle

2. Contractor Partnership:
LED Lights - The Greenest &Safest Confined Space Lightning

3. Sustainability:
Ground Water Conservation - Saving for the Future

Health, Safety and Environment

The NDC Management and all staff including contractors are fully committed to the health and safety of our employees and dedicated to the protection of the environment.

Competence development programs and HSE pro-active systems are in place & implemented. NDC management uses the Management Visits (MV) & Cross Functional Inspections (CFI) as tools to ensure HSE systems are complied with and that the HSE messages are clearly cascaded and communicated to all workforces.

NDC HSE-MS elements are the mechanism for identifying and paving the way through which NDC meets the Adnoc CoP and international requirements.

NDC has embarked on journey management called “IVMS” (invert vehicle monitoring system) producing an exceptional step change in the attitude/behavior of Company authorized Drivers.

Protection of the surrounding environment comes on the top of NDC priorities and targets. In view of the above NDC was accredited with the ISO14001-2004 in 2009. and again recertified for another 3 years.

The roles of Occupational Health Services in NDC are to promote the highest degree of physical and mental health and social wellbeing of employees. The services cover curative management through state of the art modalities of treatment. Pre-employment, periodic and post illness medical examinations fulfill fitness for work criteria of ADNOC CoPs. Preventive health services include health promotion and awareness. Occupational health risk assessment and control of health hazards work to eliminate work related health problems.