NDC won three awards in the prestigious 2013 ADNOC Annual HSE Award:

1.Occupational Health: Management of Change in Lifestyle

2. Contractor Partnership:
LED Lights - The Greenest &Safest Confined Space Lightning

3. Sustainability:
Ground Water Conservation - Saving for the Future

Barge Services

In February 2005, NDC enhanced its offshore rig services by adding aMulti-Purpose Support Vessel (MPSV), Al-Ghweifat, to its fleet. This self-propelled jackup barge comes with specifications that extend and upgrade the capabilities of the region's infrastructure.

Al-Ghweifat's open truss legs allow it to function smoothly in waters up to 115 feet deep, with water currents of 1.5 knots and winds up to 40 knots. In emergency situations, it can withstand winds up to 68 knots, surface currents of 2.5 knots and waves up to 36 feet. Its DNV class 210-ton crane has a 360 degree swivel range and a 120 foot radius, while two smaller 70-ton cranes complete its unrivalled craneage capacity. Special attention is paid to crew comfort and safety. Spacious quarters, ample power supply, state-of-the-art communications and instrumentation equipment make NDC's Al-Ghweifat the most desirable and capable support vessel in UAE waters.