NDC won three awards in the prestigious 2013 ADNOC Annual HSE Award:

1.Occupational Health: Management of Change in Lifestyle

2. Contractor Partnership:
LED Lights - The Greenest &Safest Confined Space Lightning

3. Sustainability:
Ground Water Conservation - Saving for the Future

Logging Services

The logging services Includes Formation Evaluation and Work-over electric wireline services. The Formation Evaluation services are used to determine whether a potential oil or gas field is commercially viable. Essentially, it's the process of "recognizing a commercial well when you drill one". This is achieved through measuring and recording real time data for important formation parameters such as porosity, permeability and water saturation. The electric cable will allow two ways data transmission real time that permit fast and effective decisions with respect to well completion and reservoir management. As for the Wok-over services, it provides the means for a long well life and maximum oil/gas recovery through specialized maintenance and completion services.

As a comprehensive oilfield services provider, NDC offers a variety of logging services to clients, ranges from conventional wireline logging services to specialized and advanced logging and work-over services., including high deviation and horizontal well logging services.